The Tidal Thames (The Tideway) through London is a fascinating section of the river with abundance of wildlife and historic places along its shoreline. It has an unusually big tidal range (7m+) which comes with its own hazards and risks. This, combined with heavy river traffic, makes it difficult and at times dangerous to navigate in for the untrained paddler.  There are also certain limitations for SUP that paddlers need to be aware of. The Tideway is controlled by the Port of London Authority (PLA) and all users need to be familiar with The Tideway Code which provides guidance for rowers and recreational users incl. SUP. 

The Thames Skills & Knowledge courses: TSK 1 and TSK 2 will give you the required knowledge and understanding of the skills needed to be competent on the Tideway and use it safely. They have been developed with the PLA and all content has been agreed with the Assistant Harbourmaster responsible for sport and recreation.

TSK 1 is obligatory for SUP below Putney Pier. TSK 2 is obligatory below Chelsea Bridge. 

We have updated and extended both courses to make them more comprehensive. They are now available in a very convenient format that avoids unnecessary travel. If you are enthusiastic about SUP and thinking of extending your paddling range or looking to get more confidence in paddling on the Tidal Thames - these courses are a MUST. We are offering them at very affordable prices as our aim is to get more SUP on the Thames but with even greater safety. We are keen to share our extensive experience on the Tidal Thames in all conditions so you can learn from our mistakes. 


TSK courses are mainly aimed at paddleboarders, although canoeist/kayakers may find it useful and informative especially if they want to transfer their paddling skills (there is also an option of skipping SUP specific modules). 

TSK 2 online will be launched soon; cost, content and format to be confirmed soon. Completion of TSK 1 is a prerequisite for TSK 2. 
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