5 Reasons to get out on the water this winter

13 November 2017

As autumn turns to winter, and the days get shorter, its understandable that the cold weather may deter some people. However, its really not as cold an experience as you may think – and what we may lose in temperature, we make up for in other benefits and rewards to getting out on the winter waters still.  Check out our top 5 benefits of getting out for a winter paddle below;


The light during winter is distinct from what we're used to during summer paddles, and offers a new and enchanting view of London.  Be it a misty morning or a clear and crisp afternoon, our environment presents itself in a new light every time we take to the water – meaning that no two paddles are ever going to be the same.  

And for you budding photographers out there – the winter provides a treasure trove of opportunity to capture beautiful imagery.

We love to see your pictures from trips out – so do share them with use on social, via Facebook or Twitter

Winter Paddleboarding on the Thames


As the weather cools and the waterways quieten, we welcome an increased rate of sighting of wildlife.  Taking to the water, its not uncommon for seals to approach groups of paddlers in intrigue, and to accompany them for sections of their trip.  

The constant hustle and bustle of London means we may often not notice the wildlife on our door step, but a gentle paddle down the river is a great opportunity to notice just how much life there is all around us – if we just pause long enough to see it.

Do you have any pictures of wildlife sightings whilst out paddling?  If so, please do share them with us and the community, as well as using them to get a better understanding of how we can protect our local wildlife.  www.facebook.com/active360

Seal in the Thames


Despite being a 'water-sport', paddleboarding doesn’t require you to be 'in' the water.  As a result, clothing requirements are much the same as you would wear for any other dry outdoor sports in the winter.  The only specialist kit recommended is a decent pair of paddling gloves and boots – as these are the main body parts most vulnerable to any wind or temperature chill, and the only parts of your body that may get slightly wet.  Boots and gloves can be purchased at relatively low cost, and really will dramatically increase your enjoyment and duration of any winter paddling session – so its well worth the investment.

To check out our tried, tested and recommended winter gloves and boots, check out our SUP Shop at www.active360.co.uk/sup-shop.htm


Not only are we lucky to have extensive waterways to explore in London, but city paddling has the added benefit of warmer winter temperatures.  The number of really cold days in London is limited, and on average rarely drops below 8 – 10 degrees – meaning as long as you wrap up with suitable dry layers, you can still have a really enjoyable paddle most days.  For those that really suffer with the cold, its easy enough to take extra layers, as at Active360 we take out dry bags which can be used to store extra layers.  We can even provide dry suits on request ...for those who want to be really toastie!

For more info about our winter paddleboarding sessions, check out the Events section of our website www.active360.co.uk/BOOK-NOW.htm or our facebook events page HERE 


As the winter nights draw in, it can get harder to motivate ourselves to get out and keep active.  However, if we do, we're rewarded with a much greater sense of satisfaction, as well as a greater sense of comradery for our fellow paddlers who have also made that extra effort to get out and make the most of both their day and their environment.  

We all live increasingly busy lives, hence taking the time out to get out on the water, back to nature, and share rewarding experiences with our fellow paddlers, is often just what we need to keep mind, body and soul in balance during the winter months

Do you have a personal story of how paddleboading has benefited you, that you'd like to share with others to encourage them to try the sport?  If so, we'd love to hear it, and even share it on the blog!

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