A Beginners Guide to Paddleboarding

15 January 2018

Want to become a paddle boarder but not sure where to start?  Get out on your board asap with our quick guide for first time paddleboarders!  Stand up paddle boarding is wonderful sport for beginners to get out and about in nature. A360 are passionate about ensuring everyone who wants to paddleboard can, so here’s our step-by-step crash course to getting started with paddle boarding.

1. Start right and plan ahead! Paddle boarding is not an overly complex sport, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need support! Ensure you go out with an instructor as rivers and tides can be strong/dangerous and particularly tiring if you end up going against the tide! Inland paddling on flat water is recommended for beginners.  For info on private and group lessons, check out our upcoming sessions HERE

2. Dress right. Paddle boarding attire is straightforward; you don’t need a wetsuit to start with unless you plan on falling in! Just make sure you’re warm; gloves and boots are ideal for colder days.  If you plan on purchasing your own kit then check out our shop HERE, or of course we can hire you wetsuits/drysuits etc as part of your lesson if you prefer.

3. Eat a healthy meal beforehand and have plenty of water.

4. Warm up! As with any sport, take the time to prepare your muscles and you will be less likely to ache afterwards!
Don’t panic. Don’t feel you have to stand up straight away. Practice your balance and if you find yourself wobbling then bend your knees. Be natural - as your body should naturally center itself the more you relax.

5. Use your arms but remember you can use your whole body with bend and movement through your knees and core. This will give you more power and mean your arms and shoulders won’t tire out so quickly!

6. Stay warm through your cool-down; have a change of clothes and towel waiting for you no matter the time of year. Even if you don’t fall in, you want to make sure your muscles don’t cool down too quickly. Take the time to stretch. Stand up paddleboarding uses muscles that may be unused to such a workout and aching in places you weren’t aware of is to be expected!

7. Join a group. Stand up paddleboarding is a great social sport; perfect for exploring the outdoors with your friends. Learning is much easier when it’s fun and paddleboarding classes are perfect for having a laugh.  So if you fancy trying it with friends, why not take advantage of our small group experience day vouchers HERE, or join the Facebook page HERE to find like-minded individuals.

Active360 offer a host of activities and lessons for beginner and experience paddleboarders. Why not take a look at our classes or get in touch with us if you have any questions about starting stand up paddle boarding.

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