Environmental Statement of Intent

13 November 2017

As a water-based activity provider, at Active360 we inevitably see first-hand the extent and impact plastic pollution is having on our water ways.  Its an issue we care passionately about – and as a result we take an active interest in both raising awareness and addressing the cause and impact first hand.

In line with this commitment, founder Paul Hyman, has prepared the statement of intent below – which outlines Active360's environmental objectives when working with both event and equipment suppliers. 

Active360 - Statement of Intent 

We are keen to ensure that our sport SUP makes a positive impact on the environment. We particularly want to help protect marine environments as they are under threat worldwide. Without better protection and work to undo the worst environmental degradation there will come a time when Watersports are much less attractive. In some places this time is already here. Who wants to paddle around in plastic trash ?

The statement below sets out what we plan to do over the next 3 years in addition to our work with Watertrek and Plastics Ocean Festival *


At Active360 we are concerned about the increasing plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans.  One of the ways in which plastic reaches water bodies is blowing in from littered waterside areas and overflowing trash bins.  At busy events bins often overflow and need to be emptied throughout the day to avoid people leaving trash around and on top of the bins.

We believe all events should be planned to avoid this and that organisers have a responsibility to ensure vendors selling food and drinks at events use only packaging which will not damage marine environments. This means no plastic straws, styrofoam containers and other damaging packaging materials and a discount for people who bring a refillable coffee cup.

Water and drinks should not be sold in plastic bottles unless proper provision is made to collect these during the event and clean up any left after the event in or around the waterside.

Organisers also need to consider how people will get to the event and encourage walking, cycling and public transport rather than cars. This can be through providing secure cycle parking and information on nearest stations and bus routes.

Where we agree to be part of events run by other organisations we will require them to have an event plan to avoid adverse environmental impacts and we will expect this to be implemented .


Most SUP equipment is made from environmentally damaging materials, plastic, nylon, carbon, fibreglass etc.  While this is a concern, it is at least used for years and can be taken to a refuse or recycling plant at the end of its useful life.  We aim to use and maintain our equipment long term and have some boards and paddles 6+ years old and still serviceable.

Packaging is a problem and equipment often arrives over packaged and in non recycled and un-recylable materials. We think the packaging should always reflect the fragility / durability of the equipment and also be made from bio degradable or at least easily recyclable materials.  Also ways to re use packaging should be considered.

Going forward we will favour suppliers who are taking effective steps to reduce over packaging and seek out the best packaging materials - e.g.. shredded cardboard instead of bubble wrap or polystyrene.

We will also look to work with suppliers who are manufacturing all / part of their product range from recycled materials and have a plan in place to increase the recycled element.

Transporting goods around the world has huge environmental costs in CO2 production and the damage caused by container shipping. Where we can source affordable quality goods from within the UK and Europe we will.

From Jan 2018 will ask prospective new suppliers to complete a short questionnaire setting out any action they are taking to reduce damage to the environment by their operations.

We will aim to phase out suppliers who are not making progress on this by 2020. Existing and any potential new suppliers will be asked to complete a short questionnaire providing us with information on how they are planning to reducing their carbon footprint and the amount / type of packaging being used and any action already in place

We will promote our association with good suppliers and look out for opportunities to celebrate their best practice.


We will aim to use public transport, cycling and walking wherever possible in our operations. Also where it is possible to deliver equipment to off site sessions by river or canal we will do this. We aim to make each of our bases as self sufficient as possible to reduce the need to transport equipment best when sites.
When suitable electric vans are available we will look to upgrade our current vehicle.
We provide information on getting to our sites by public transport and have secure cycle parking at all locations.

Where businesses close to our bases are offering an environmentally friendly service - e.g. coffee shops offering good discounts for bringing reusable cups and pubs not issuing plastic straws or glasses we will promote them and encourage our customers to be their customers also.

*set out on our website with regular updates

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