Escape to the Outer Hebrides

25 May 2017

By Sarah Robinson - Obsessed Paddler

When was the last time you were able to escape the city, breathe fresh air, SUP through historic sea, sail on a ship which is steeped in beauty, whilst journeying around naturally thriving and isolated islands?... Never? Same here!

Whilst planning this year's holidays, I couldn’t help but to gravitate towards those cheap city breaks in Europe, along with those long-distance trips to 'paradise', which rarely turn out to be the paradise that I expected. Whilst those sound great, I crave a unique experience.

Being able to escape from the UK has been my primary focus. Échapper, Flucht, Escapar, Fuga, Ontsnappen!!! (You catch my drift, right?) The only problem with my urge to flee, is that I have been completely overlooking the beauty on my own door-step.

After a touch of research, I came across Active360's trip to the Outer Hebrides, which is coming up this July 2nd. The group will be aiming to sail from Oban Harbor to St Kilda, which is known for its sheer, dramatic cliffs. Along the way, there will be plenty of opportunities to SUP in historic Scottish waters, fishing and sailing the stunning Lady of Avenel ( with a group of charming people.

I managed to catch-up with Paul Hyman who was on last year's trip, and was instantly grasped with his memories of paddling past barely untouched Tertiary Basalt Columns, confusingly tropical looking beaches, clear fresh seas and the opportunity to digitally switch off and live in the moment. BLISS!

Equipment wise, it's all sorted. This year we will have the opportunity to test out some of the latest iSUPs from a variety of different companies. All safety equipment is included too, which is perfect as all we need to bring is a wetsuit and our sense of adventure!

I personally cannot wait to jump on board. It is a truly unique holiday which is hard to come by. Why not join me this year, and be a part of a truly unforgettable experience.
For booking and more information, head over to  Hebrides Trip 2017. If you have any queries, email The price of £1295 is inclusive of all equipment and meals. Price reductions will be available for those who bring their own kit. Whilst this trip is open to those of all SUP abilities, a good level of swimming ability and some experience of SUP is ideal. 

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