Saved by the Christmas Voucher!

13 November 2017

Each year, we start our Christmas shopping with grand plans of finding 'THE' present for our friends and family, that is just PERFECT, and totally blows them away and trumps all others gifts!

But......... the reality is that sometime this doesn’t always go to plan, or as we imagine when those first Christmas songs come on the radio, and we start planning our Christmas lists!

As the countdown clock to Christmas ticks over yet another day, and that remaining 'hard to buy for' person remains unaccounted for – this is when we defer to our old friend 'the voucher'!!

And why not!  Isn't it better to allow someone to get what they want or an experience they will remember, rather than waste money on something they may never use?  

And if that person is someone you'd love to share a paddleboarding experience with – then what better gift than a voucher for one of our SUP trips. 

We do vouchers for 2hour sessions at £57 ...and bring a friend for just £40, or for a 3 hour session its £65 and £49 for a friend.  

You can also book general vouchers for £25 and £50 towards any trips or lessons, including private lessons.

To buy vouchers, check out our page HERE, or contact us via

And when you purchase from us, you are supporting both Active360's work to reduce the effects and impact of plastic pollution (For more info check our Environmental Work page HERE), as well as tackling the environmental problem at the source by encouraging and supporting suppliers in reducing their footprint (Check out our blog post HERE for more info on our environmental statement of intent) 

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