Testimonial from Guardian Sports journalist, Anna Kessel

24 January 2018

Anna Kessel, sports journalist from The Guardian, recently joined us for a SUP session on the Thames, and she’s kindly agreed to share her experience – which, by the look of it, was pretty intense!

What. A. Day!

Biting January winds and a freezing grey sky, but we soon warmed up, laughing our heads off at our own daring. Balancing on floating boards, paddling along one of the world's most famous rivers, is something else.

One minute it's total peace - herons flying overhead, waves gently lapping at stony urban beaches - the next it's terrifying chaos
as an industrial riverboat comes tearing along, honking its horn, and churning up the water. 

At that point, I'll be honest, my heart leapt into my stomach as the wash hit my board, and
my legs went Bambi. "Oh god, please don't let me fall in!"

Somehow, I lived to tell the tale. And as we neared the noise and traffic of Kew Bridge, and the end of our paddle, I vowed I'd come again soon. Being on the water is totally, completely magical. If you are able, I urge you to do it now!

Looking at the photos, my 6- year-old said, "Mum, I can't believe you did that - it looks so hard!" Yep, actually it wasn't that hard, and I'd encourage all of you to give it a go if you haven't already.

Huge thank you to @active360sup

Thanks to Anna for a great review. We’re really pleased she enjoyed herself and hope to see her again soon!

Here’s her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annasofiakessel/ and you can also contact her on Twitter at @anna_kessel

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