Top 6 Benefits of SUP Boarding

27 December 2017

Guest Blog – Written by David De Haan from

Stand up paddle boarding did not start as a sport. Some say it was used by Hawaiian surf instructors to move around as they attended to learners in the water. After some time, it officially became a sport and has been gaining popularity ever since. Everything about this activity is amazing and makes people want to try it.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to be getting harder by the day. It takes a lot of discipline and commitment to attend a torturous gym class after a busy day. However, stand up paddleboarding has shown that keeping fit can be enjoyable. The health benefits of SUPing are numerous and it may be just what you need to attain your fitness goals. At Active 360, they are committed to ensuring that you learn all there is to stand up paddleboarding and reap all the benefits explained below.

1. Great Cardio Workout
Now, do not be fooled by how easy it looks from the shore. It can be an intense workout if you want to make it so.  Increasing your work rate, racing friends, or introducing ‘HITT’ style techniques as part of your session will help get your heart rate up. By ensuring that you are always moving, you circulation  speeds up. Making SUP a routine will see your cardio fitness improve.  This translates to lower chances of suffering diseases like diabetes, joint problems, heart attack and stroke. Who wouldn’t want that? To make it more beneficial and fun, let your friends or family join you for a SUP race.

2. Burns A Lot of Calories
The more calories a sport burns, the more it appeals to the masses. The number of calories that stand up paddling burns explains why it is the fastest growing sport, since 2013. Even most of these exercises that appear intense have nothing on SUP boarding when it comes to burning calories.
For instance, walking is a common activity that is known to burn many calories. But guess what—recreational paddling burns double the number of calories burned during a leisure walk. In a single hour of moving smoothly at a moderate pace, you are going to burn 304-430 calories.
SUP yoga is also not strenuous. In fact, it is a very relaxing variation of paddling. Nevertheless, it will see you burn 416-540 calories in one hour. SUP racing is the most intense form of paddling. It is, therefore, no surprise that it helps you burn the most number of calories. In a serious SUP race, you are likely to burn 713-1,125 calories in an hour. Note that gender is a determinant of the number of calories you will burn; with men tending to burn more than women. Whatever SUP variation you want to venture into, go through a few inflatable paddle board reviews to understand which board suits you best.

3. Reduces Stress
Everyone has stress to a certain degree. If it gets out of control, it could become serious and cause mental disorders. It is important to always keep your stress levels under control for your sake and the sake of your loved ones.
The water has been known to have a relaxing effect on the human body and mind. There is something about the sound of water and the environment there that is very soothing to almost every human being. When you start paddling and find a rhythm, when you inhale the fresh air out there, you will feel stress losing its grip on you. The beautiful scenery will soothe you and stimulate your brain to produce serotonin and endorphins - which are responsible for making you happy. The next time life overwhelms you, pick up your paddleboard and have a good time. You owe it to yourself.

4. Low Impact Exercise
Sporting activities are beneficial to the body. However, a good number of them are strenuous and anything but gentle to your muscles. How many times have you seen or heard people get injured while playing or training?
When people say that stand up paddling is the ultimate sport, it really is. It is gentle to your body. SUPing involves standing, balancing and paddling. The chance of muscular injury is low, as it does not subject your tendons and ligaments to excessive or unexpected impact. Actually, injured athletes who are rehabilitating are advised to try standup paddling. It is effective in speeding up the healing process of the muscles without damaging them further.

5. Works Your Entire Body
SUP boarding is not selective when it comes to working your muscles. The forces are distributed throughout every muscle, from the neck to the toes. For starters, you need to stand upright on an unstable surface throughout the session. This means that your legs muscles have no time to be ‘off-duty.’ They are required to stabilize you, in order to keep your balance and maintain your center of gravity. As you paddle, your back, arms and shoulder muscles are constantly engaged.  Maintaining balance, which is key in paddling, makes use of the core, back and abdominal muscles. The core is the most engaged muscle in SUPing. People who desire to have abs of steel are often advised to try paddling.

6. Boosts Vitamin D Levels
This benefit is very important, especially, if you never get the opportunity to be out in the sun. A little sunshine is good for you since it boosts your vitamin D levels. Also, sunshine can have a relaxing and calming effect on you. Whenever you are going paddling, make sure you enjoy the sun as much as you can—as long as you wear sunscreen, of course.

Honestly, not many sports can beat stand up paddleboarding when it comes to health benefits. SUPing assures you of a healthy workout because it is a good cardio workout. You get to burn a lot of calories by doing something enjoyable, something you will always look forward to. Stress reduction is another great benefit. There is a lot of craziness in the current world and sometimes, you need a little time off to relax. Paddling is a relatively safe sport and it will take care of your ligaments and tendons.  No muscle is spared with this activity, which means overall body fitness. Finally, get to enjoy a free natural Vitamin D boost as you walk on water.

If you want to reap all these benefits, do not hesitate to book an appointment and get a schedule that suits you perfectly. 

Written by David De Haan from

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