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15 January 2018

There’s a reason so many people struggle with the ‘I will get fit this year’ New Year’s Resolution. They don’t make it fun!  Choose toiling at the gym and you may find yourself doomed to staring at a wall for an hour a day trying to treadmill to nowhere.

Instead, why not commit to trying a new sport (or three!) Mixing up your workouts is the best way to keep fitness fresh and exciting, as well as making you more likely to succeed with your goals! We strongly believe that there is a sport for everyone, which is why we got involved with the 100 Sports in 100 Days project with Liu Batchelor.

As adults, we tend to shy away from trying something new. But there are HUGE benefits to experimenting with a whole variety of sports and activities, and your fitness is just one of them!

The 100 Sports in 100 Days project did exactly what it said on the tin; Liu took part in 100 different sports over the course of 100 consecutive days to explore the vast variety of sports available to adults as total beginners. As part of her 100th sport, Liu created a marathon distance of 26.2 miles made up of ten sports which she dubbed the ‘Decarathon’ (decathalon marathon - almost as hard to say as it was to do). Paul from Active360 provided the first leg of the endeavour, as Liu paddle boarded her way to completing the challenge!

Trying out new challenges isn’t just beneficial for fitness purposes. Experimenting with something you haven’t done before is proven to increase self confidence and reinvigorate your sense of purpose. It’s ideal for creative types as it encourages your mind to think outside the box by increasing the mental demands of the activity. And of course, it allows you to meet and interact with new people; ideal for business or friendship.

If you are looking for some inspiration then check out the 100 Sports in 100 Days blog to see some of the weird, wonderful and exciting sports Liu took part in. There’s something for everyone there; and you should also spot our founder Paul in there too!

If you’d like to start paddle boarding, get in touch. We’d love to show you the ropes, just give us a call on 0203 393 5360 or email

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