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08 December 2017

December. A time of panicked shopping and poorly wrapped socks. Sometimes planning the perfect present can feel like harder work than it needs to be!

But there is a way to ensure you get it right every time. There’s a saying; “people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Giving someone a feeling, an experience, is an amazing way to show someone how much you appreciate them at Christmas (or any time of year!) It demonstrates that you have considered something they would appreciate, and not just gone for something on the 3 for 2 shelf. That’s why gifting an experience is the perfect present.

Not only does gifting an experience offer you an escape from the criminal cycle of unloved socks, it also means that you’re upping the ante when it comes to giving gifts that last a lifetime (and not just because they’re stuffed in the bottom drawer!). Minimise your carbon footprint and maximise appreciation levels with a present that won’t be abandoned before Boxing Day is out! Retailers have created vast swathes of useless novelty gifts and gadgets to take advantage of panicked present buyers who are unsure what their relatives will be happy with! An experience offers someone something far more valuable; the chance to try something new, to explore new borders and learn something new about the world (and potentially themselves!)

That’s why we are offering paddleboarding experiences for your Christmas Gifting delight. Active360 are fond of minimising carbon footprints, but we are also fans of having a great time! We offer a variety of paddleboarding experiences for all levels; from amateur to practiced paddler! Our paddleboard yoga trips are ideal for the sports fanatics in your life to relax (or those already practiced yoga fans who like to mix it up!) We offer paddleboarding experiences across London, so whether you live in London or not, it can be accessible and stress-free. If you really want to treat your favourite people we also offer paddleboarding holidays across the world. This is one you might even want to treat yourself to!

Whatever your choice, we are able to make sure you have the perfect Christmas gift for your favourite (or future!) paddleboarding enthusiast! Just book online or get in touch, as we offer flexible options so that everyone can find the perfect package!

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