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London Paddle & Pick April 2016

Active360 are passionate about raising awareness of the health of our water and aquatic ecosystems, especially in regards to the global epidemic of plastic pollution. The UK's waterways are often beautiful spaces, where a slice of serenity can be found even in urban areas. Getting into the great outdoors is liberating, but all too often our waterways are blighted by litter and in particular plastic waste. Not only does it spoil the enjoyment and safety of watersports, the plastic trash harms wilidlife and often ends up in the oceans, causing significant damage to our natural environment for hundreds of years. 

We are always looking for ways to collaborate with like-minded watersports groups, environmental charities and other bodies, who share our deep concern for London's waterways with the common goal of freeing it from litter. We want to inspire a sense of pride in caring for our waterways both for people and wildlife.  

Our partners:

London Waterkeeper is an independent charity that challenges the pollution of the capital’s rivers.

Key to protecting rivers is transforming the relationship we have with them - if more people experience them first hand more will care for them. That’s why we want to see a swimmable River Thames from Putney Bridge to Hampton Court. But river users need to know when the Thames is clean enough to swim in and when it’s polluted with sewage. This happens in Copenhagen where they have real-time water quality monitoring.

London Waterkeeper has launched the campaign ‘A Thames Fit To Swim’ to unite those that love the Thames and want to see a flourishing, swimmable river.

We believe we can combine our passion for SUP, science and adventure to affect positive social change and drive environmental conservation. Get involved and give something back to the waterways that created London. 

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