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To take stand-up paddleboarding from a small minority sport that few people had even heard of, to a mass participation sport in London, takes time, commitment and enthusiasm. We have received a hugh amount of support over the years to help us get to where we are today, here are just some of the people, organisations and friends who have made this possible...and we're just getting started!

Port Of London Authority

The Port of London Authority - PLA, are responsible for 95 miles of the River Thames. Their aims include; to keep commercial and leisure users safe, protect and enhance the environment and promote the use of the river for trade and travel. We have been working with officials from the PLA to help them understand SUP and how we can make this a safe participation sport on the tidal Thames. Work is ongoing, but we are making good progress! More information and guides about SUP and paddling on the Thames can be found on the PLA's - Boating on the Thames website.

When in Frankfurt:

The "Frankfurter Stand-Up-Paddling (SUP) Verein e.V." is a registered association located in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, that seeks to bring the sport to people living in or visiting the Rhein-Main-region. They provide SUP lessons and trips, also supporting charity projects and environmental initiatives. Please see the SUP Verein website for more information and give them a visit when next in Frankfurt. 

When in Sardinia:

Canal & River Trust

SUP Adventures is a SUP and surf school located in the wonderful island of San Pietro, South Sardinia, Italy. We've been friends with Mario and Diana for years now and arranged many holidays there. They have three bases around the island with great, knowledgable staff, offering daily SUP activities such as trips, tours, lessons and even board rentals. For more details, please visit the SUP Adventures Carloforte website.

Crewroom Clothing

Crewroom logo

Originally designing performance clothing for the rowing and running world, Crewroom have been working with us since 2013 to develop SUP specific clothing and accessories. After a year of discussions, prototypes and re-designs Crewroom now have a fantastic selection of clothing to help British paddlers stay on the water all year round. Their full range of clothing is available to purchase from the Crewroom website and from the Putney shop.

Canal & River Trust

Canal & River Trust

The Canal & River Trust are the charity responsible for looking after thousands of miles of inland waterways around Britain. Our Paddington Basin barge is moored a short distance away from the Grand Union canal which we regularly paddle on. These canals and rivers in the UK require constant maintenance, cleaning and repair, to keep them available for all to use. Find out more about their fantastic work and how you can help on the Canal & River Trust website.

When in Slovenia:

Brentford FC Community Sports Trust Logo

SUP Slovenia Discovery organise SUP holiday tours on Slovenia's lakes, rivers and the sea. Their trips go way beyond just paddling. Samo and Marko are keen for you to discover Slovenia's most amazing places - pure nature, breath-taking landscapes, historical sights and cultural heritage. They are also excellent guides in local cuisine and wines. Check out our Holidays page for upcoming tours. 

Merchant Square

Merchant Square are the company behind the fantastic new development in Paddington Basin. They originally gave us permission to try some SUP sessions in the basin in 2013 and went onto to restore and refit our fantastic SUP barge that is moored on the canal! Merchant Square have also supported our charity events, allowing us to hold the first Standup For The Cure UK event. You can learn more about them and what's on in Paddinton Basin from the Merchant Square website.

Brentford fc - community sports trust

Brentford FC Community Sports Trust Logo

The Brentford Boating Arch (BBA), the location of our Kew school, has been a base for water sport lessons, including canoeing and kayaking  since 2007. During this time the trust has offered development training programmes to schools, youth and community groups in Hounslow. The arches are also home to Edge progressive paddling a kayak and canoe club, information about joining their club can be found on the Edge website.

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